Wedding Planning Tips from Harlequin

Wedding Planning Tips

Having been in the business quite a while now, you could say we have just a bit of experience with wedding planning here in Harlequin Towers! We have taken part in hundreds, if not thousands of weddings at this stage and over the years have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way.

This blog will hopefully pass on a few of those tips and make life a bit easier for all our brides to be!

When someone is wedding planning and books a wedding band, it’s usually done at the very start of the planning process. A good band would be booked at least 18 months to 2 years before any given date, so often our brides book us at the same time as their venue. Some even booking before they have confirmed a venue! Once they get Harlequin booked their next question is always, what’s next?!

So here’s a quick idea of where to go from there!

18 months to 2 years:

Book a Venue for your reception and ceremony.

Get Harlequin band and DJ locked in!

Do your research and pick your Photographer.

12 months to go:

Book a Videographer.

Start looking for The Dress!

Send Save The Date cards to your friends and relations overseas.

10 months:

Order that wedding dress!

Start thinking about Bridal Party Outfits…..What’s the Groom going to wear?!

Book that Pre Marriage Course.

6 months and counting:

Wedding Rings!

Start asking for recommendations for Ceremony Music.

Order a Wedding Cake.

Book your Flowers.

Send Notification Of Intent to marry to the registrar.

Start planning those hens and stags!

Choose your Transport.

Order your Stationary.

3 months:

Are you having Wedding Favours?

Start working on Harlequin’s Event Brief!

2 months:

Get those Invitations in the post!

Mass Booklets? Who will do Readings/Prayers?

Start planning the minefield that is the table plan!

Send the Harlequin Event Brief to Rebecca!

1 month to go:

Sort out the gifts for the bridal party?

Get in touch with all your suppliers to confirm all the details of the big day.

Finalise guest list and numbers.

1 week :

Start packing for the honeymoon!

Pack your over night bag. Don’t forget a hanger and garment bag for minding your dress!

Organise payment for your various suppliers.

Wedding Rehearsal!

Last Few Days:

Tie up all the last few details: collect the dress, confirm all your timings, collect suits, manicure and beauty treatments, drop off any decor to the venue.

Day Before:

Try to Relax!!

Then just sit back, have an out of this world, fantastic day and let Harlequin give you the night of your lives and send you off into married life in style!



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