Top 10 Wedding Tips From Wedding Band Harlequin

Top 10 Wedding Tips From Wedding Band Harlequin

Harlequin’s Top 10 Tips When Hiring a Wedding Band


  1. It’s a personal decision

    – Sometimes there is no right and wrong for you its whoever you like that is important.


  1. Create a short list yourself

    – Don’t leave it to family or friends to do the research for you. Their tastes may not be the same as yours and they may think they are doing you a favour by finding the cheapest available.


  1. Will the band tie in with your venue

    – Is the size suitable, are there height and sound restrictions, is there a live music curfew, do the band know the venue, etc.


  1. How long is a band established?

    Every band has to start somewhere but in general its best to choose a band that have been together at least a year or two and ideally play music for a living. That way they have a vested interest in the night.


  1. Choose a band based on quality not size.

    A 10 piece band may represent a large set up but a 5 piece band could play a much better show. Choose quality over quantity!


  1. One size does not fit all.

    We know some fantastic bands that play only 80’s music and some brilliant swing bands that perform jazz. Do you want a specialist genre band or a great all-rounder? Most of our weddings have a large age mix (20-80). Is yours different?


  1. Watch some live recordings.

    We are in the tech age now and loads of bands look and sound great on their promo videos. But what do their live performances look and sound like? They are usually different aren’t they? Don’t choose solely based on a promo video.


  1. Will they sound like every friend’s wedding band?

    Many band’s sound fairly generic and alike these days. Most play it safe with their performances and that’s usually the reason why. Ask what level of customisation you will have for your wedding. Your wedding has to be special!

  1. Will they be able to fill your dance floor all night long?

    The most common question we get asked and the one thing every bride and groom wants from their band. Nobody wants their guests sitting around drinking tea at 10pm or worst still gone to bed by 11!


  1. The cheapest is never the best!

    There are a few areas that you can’t laugh off if they go wrong on the day: your dress, the food, the photographs and your band. I’m sure you’re not planning on the most essential areas? Won’t a fantastic band really make the night?


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