Master of Ceremonies

Have you considered who will hold the whole thing together on the night? Who is going to grab the attention of the attendees and ensure that a pre-planned, slick, and professional presentation is achieved? Perception is everything. You need your guests to know that you have planned this event meticulously from a presentation, logistical and technical perspective.

In short: Your event needs a host or Master of Ceremonies (MC).

Our front-man Shane is skilled at presenting, entertaining, and representing your organization in a very professional way taking the nervousness and pain out of the public speaking element of your event. His methods for planning the event and moving with proceeding in a fluid way can be of huge comfort when the pressure of all the arranging and planning is about to kick-off. Farm out the pressure and present your event in the most professional way at the same time. For inquiries of this nature call Shane directly on 087-2139911 or email him –

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For enquiries call Shane directly on 087-2139911 or email him

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