Empty the Tank Every Night.

You are only as good as your last gig. When I’m going on stage I really busy myself with set-up stuff and activity so that when I step in front of the revellers I’m energised and motivated. I sometimes notice if we’ve hung about a bit and or set up the day before that I need to get stuck into something athletic and muscular like lifting a few boxes or something. Also, I love a coffee before the gig. Most commentators say it damages your voice but I’ve only ever found it beneficial in drawing on the energy tank in a aggressive manner. I’ve never taken to red bull or other factory-type stimulants.

When we meet our hosts I do a pep talk with them before bringing out the band, asking whether or not they are excited. I tell them this is it – and the time goes by in a flash. Enjoy every moment. Gentle pressure is also placed on the groom to dance with his new wife. “Last time I danced with my wife was at our wedding nearly seven years ago”. I tell them this and urge that they set the example of celebrating themselves on the floor – this usually has a great influence on the crowd approach.

After all of that I just get stuck in doing what I do and try to leave nothing left in the tank. Usually I am asleep in my jeep before the crowd have made it to the residents bar… Bring on the next wonderful couple and the next fabulous wedding with Harlequin Wedding Bands Ireland.

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