Wedding Bands in Ireland are Spending on Advertising – but Quality Always Wins Out.

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Of course, we have a few ads out there – we’d be afraid not to but this year more than ever we have found that the trend is for people research recommendations and go on their knowledge rather than what the bands say in their ads. It’s easier than ever to reach customers by advertising but the absolute truth is that the online wedding Industry in 2017 is swamped with Ads, ads, ads.

We promote our business chiefly by ‘doing a great job every time’. Our belief is that every great gig should lead to two more. About two-thirds of our business comes from people who have seen Harlequin perform at somebody else’s wedding. We really love it when we people say “I saw you at a few weddings” because we know they’ve seen completely different shows each time. Also, Shane remembers everybody he ever worked for and most details of every wedding he played. People like that we remember details because they know with us that they are not just a number on our calendar. Every time we walk out the door to go and play at a wedding our only agenda is to give those people the night of their lives. People remember this effort.

We also communicate our ‘quality message’ on the internet by advertising with Weddings Online and a smaller site It’s important for a business to have a presence online so that new customers can get some confidence. We micro-manage every aspect of this simple methodology to guarantee a win every time and the simple truth is that you get a gig out of every gig. 

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