Wedding Bands in Ireland are Really Getting into 2018

This time of year most engaged couples have either found a wedding band Ireland that suits their budget, tastes and requirement. other are stressing as there is a sentiment building that most of the good wedding bands in Ireland will be gone. Fear not good people!!!! If you search hard enough you will always land at a place that gives you confidence. Wedding bands are hosting wedding showcases and actively putting themselves out there to try and reach customers. Most of the operators are legit but you must remain vigilant and careful. If you get the least sense of a negative vibe then simply walk away. And ‘pressure’? If you feel under pressure form any wedding supplier then take a few days to cool off. Of course there is the possibility of missing an opportunity but in the main I’ve found that things usually work out for the best.

One has to ask why a supplier is putting a client under pressure to book a particular wedding product or service? If the proprietor is as established, competent and professional as they are claiming – then they will surely get the business anyway – correct? Well the answer is ‘yes’ in most cases as there are simply a limited number of dates upon which a wedding band ireland industry vendor can attend? Certainly some offerings fall into this concept. Suppliers of physical products, however, can double, triple up – but service providers, in the main, dilute themselves when trying to ‘gemini’ things. This leads us into discussing the ‘quality’ concept.

In terms of delivering quality a wedding event poses certain unique challenges. In the first place a wedding is a event that happens ONCE!!!! ONE TIME!!!! That’s it. You get one shot to deliver for that bride, groom, couple, family, group… Suppliers sometimes can become complacent as is the experience in any job when you are repeating tasks on an on-going basis. In the weddings industry, however, this MUST NOT BE THE CASE. Focus on leaving lasting memories for the couple. Focus on that rave review, open that relationship and don’t treat it as ‘just another sale’. Yes, we are all in business but as a supplier to someone’s wedding you are an invited participant in the most important and exciting day of their lives – Step up to the mark – treat today’s wedding as the only wedding you are working – treat each event as you would like your own wedding to be. Make it friendly, exciting, warm for the hosts. Steer clear of creating complications and instead solve issues – don’t let small matters snowball.

At the end of the day when you are going home, taking down your gear, awaiting, and H.I.G.M. and social media images – know you were there and delivered 100% – Know you have build another good relationship – BE REMEMBERED – for the right reasons!!!!

In any business these days if you do a good job, half of the people remember. The wedding industry is a laboratory and you put yourself under the microscope. If you do a great job 10% of people will tell someone about your contribution. If you put on a poor show you can be guaranteed 90% of those witnessing it will tell someone else…

Happy hunting folks. It’s amine-field out there these days. x, Shane.


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