Wedding Bands Galway

Wedding Bands Galway Wedding Bands Galway – Throwback Tuesday Brides and Grooms checking out Wedding Bands Galway for the upcoming nuptials Harlequin- Ireland’s Most Exclusive Wedding Bands Galway performing at Monroes Harlequin is a highly experienced wedding band with more than 3500 performances under its belt! It is the only band in the business who offer ‘the night of your life – […]

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Irish People Getter Married Later in Their 30’s

The average age that Irish men and women are getting married at has hit an all-time high   According to new marriage statistics released by the Central Statistics Office, Irish couples are leaving it later to get married than ever before. The average age that an Irish man ties the knot now sits at 35.3. […]

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Top 10 Wedding Tips From Wedding Band Harlequin

Harlequin’s Top 10 Tips When Hiring a Wedding Band   It’s a personal decision – Sometimes there is no right and wrong for you its whoever you like that is important.   Create a short list yourself – Don’t leave it to family or friends to do the research for you. Their tastes may not […]

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